Rocco , Marco e Emiliano

Us,The Rinfrescart Family.

The story of Rinfrescart begins in early 1996, in Senago, a few kilometers from the center of Milan.

Two young men, Marco and Rocco, dreamed of combining their passion for the Italian Food Culture and cooking with the wonder and emotions of the people.

So in the year 1996, they gave birth to "Rinfrescart" with the goal not only to create dishes, but to make them art.

Beginning from the 'Mamma's basement', with the typical Italian-family culture of everyone-together, their business was able to grow rapidly. Not without uncertainties, doubts and fears though, the passion and the awareness of being able to do well however, were always there, with the 'Famiglia support' in the happiest and the most difficult moments.

From that basement, the first catering and banqueting service was born, the first Rinfrescart creations.

The first few months, despite their inexperience, did not discourage Marco and Rocco who made good use of their mistakes, enhancing their victories.

In a short period, Rinfrescart was no longer just a dream, but a reality.

The Rinfrescart formula, the desire to create dishes as if they were works of art were working and soon the family was expanding, with the addition of Chef Emiliano, a pupil of the master Gualtiero Marchesi.

In the years You have allowed us to bring Our dreams to life and you have allowed Us, to realise Youhave made it possible for a small company to grow, to be known, not only in Italy but also in Europe. You have taught us a lot and that is why, today, Rinfrescart is elegance, passion and creativity. It is Art.

Thank you since 1996,.

The Rinfrescart Family.